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How we find you a top agent

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About Your Property

We gather a property brief which is a small snap shot of your property that we use to develop your property profiler. From this brief information you give us (we can draw down a lot of data in relation to your property. Many people find the profiler we send them a handy tool to get an idea of what’s going on in the market. We don’t use this information to value your home as this is the job of your local top agent. The property profiler report gives you a summary of homes that have sold in the last 12 to 24 months that are of a similar size, price and location as yours. Once we receive this information we may have questions about your property and will contact you. It is important to take everything into consideration i.e.: have you recently renovated your home? All these factors help us search for the top agent. 

Property Profile

The property profile will arrive within 24 hours of submission and is emailed to you in PDF form. Normally these documents are 10 to 15 pages long and will cover off historical sales data and current listings so you can get a good understanding of where your property sits in the marketplace before you talk to any agents.

To help us, we need to confirm some basic details of the profiler with you via email or phone prior to sending the report – this ensures that the report is tailored to your property so that you can get the most out of it.

Connect to Agent

Once we have discussed the details of your property we will then provide you with the name or names of the top agent(s) for you property type and price bracket. We also provide you handy resources to help you ask the questions that 95% of vendors never ask their agents, so you can be certain the agent is the best agent for you.

Also, we will always be available as a sounding board whether you use our recommended agents or not.
We’re here to help

Why Us?

We’re not a real estate agent office and we don’t have any preference on agents. We use historical data that includes 20+ years of property sales throughout New Zealand. We also have access to current listings which identifies current activity of agents in your area. We know what has sold and what is still hanging around. We include all these factors when searching for the top agent(s).  Once we have this information we can make a recommendation as to the best match for your property type, price bracket and location to see who is actually your Top Local Agent. So, how can we help you?

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